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To Travel with Bed Bugs or Without.........Latter?!

So yes it was just a very short while ago when we had our sunglasses on, a cold beer in hand and our feet up without a care in the world, unless of course our beer was empty and no one was in ear shot. I think I'm definitely in need of a sunny filled vacation; you? Whether you are planning on travelling to warmer parts of the world or you'll be heading out of town for the holidays it's important to know what to look for and how to check for bed bugs wherever you stay so that you don't end up catching some bed bug hitch hikers along the way.

1) As soon as you get to your room do not place your luggage on the bed or ground but up on a table or piece of furniture.

2) Peal back sheets from the mattress at the head of the bed; look for black spotting (pepper sized spots) these would be the droppings of the bed bug. You want to make sure that you also look under seams and fabric folds of the mattress for these spots or for actual bugs.

3) Check the box spring at the head of the bed as well for the black spotting or bed bugs as mentioned in #2.

4) Check baseboards that may be behind the head of the bed for black spotting or bed bugs.

Now if you come across black spotting or actual bed bugs you need to GET OUT! Get a new room (check that one too), maybe you may have to leave a family members home and check into a hotel either way, you do not want to travel back home with bed bugs.

Okay so you got out and now you are worried that maybe one has attached itself to you and you are freaking out! It's okay just strip down and throw your laundry into a hot dryer cycle or send down for a laundry service. If you are still worried when you get home make sure you wash and dry all your clothes immediately and do not, at any point in time put your suit case on or near your bed when you get home!

Still worried you traveled back home with bed bugs? Call Bugbusters Pest Control right now (778) 866-BUGZ (2849). Our trained technicians can answer all your questions or you can book an inspection today.

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