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Flea Exterminators

About us Fleas


Flea Exterminators

What we look like


I am a Flea. I am a very small wingless insect about 2.5mm in length.  I do like to keep my figure slim (makes it easier to move through animal hair), the secret to this body is simple, jumping.  My hind legs are long and with all that exercise they are so powerful.  I am dark brown in colour and have mouth parts for sucking and piercing.

Where you

might find us

I am found outside but my goal is to make it into your home.  I attach myself to what I like to call a host but you call it your family member or your pet, it’s just so sweet that I too want to experience being your pet.  The only way I can survive once I make it in is by feeding on warm blooded hosts which now, my buffet can include you.  I like to hang out where your pets like to hang out, you know so I can get the full experience. If you look hard enough trust me you can see me.  When I am just an egg or even a baby (larvae), you can also find me in tight spaces like any kind of crack or crevasse.

Why you don't 

want us to 

stick around

I know I may not be as cute as your dog or cat and I bite and my bites can be very itchy and can become irritated and can transmit diseases such as bubonic plague, endemic typhus, tularemia to you the human which, can make you die but……… Well I guess I have said too much and you are what? Calling Bugbusters right now? Fudge I’m toast!

I'm gonna feed with speed so I can breed


Geez! That was quick, they got rid of us Fleas with such ease

Us pests fear them, you’ll love them.

Affordable, Effective,Experienced Flea Exterminators. Ask Us About Our Warranty 

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