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Indianmeal Moth & Clothing Moth Exterminators

Indianmeal Moth & Clothing Moth Exterminators

What we look like


I am an Indianmeal Moth, I am two toned in colour with my base a shade of grey and the ends of my wings a copper or bronze with a dark band separating the two sections.  I am 8-10 mm in length with a wing span of 16-20 mm.  My larvae or babies as you may think of them are generally smaller than 0.5 mm and are an off white colour with a brown head.

I am a Clothes Moth; when I am an adult and visible to you, I am a beige colour but at the start of my life cycle when I hatch I am a white caterpillar.  At that stage though I am near microscopic so you probably wouldn’t notice me then.

Where you

might find us

I, the Indianmeal Moth love dry foods that come from a vegetable origin.  So guess what?  That means that my family and I may be in your seeds, grains, cereals, pasta, rice, flour, spices, dried fruits even in your dry pet food. With that said we can be found in places such as food processing and handling facilities, grocery stores and your home.

I, the Clothes Moth am not like the Indianmeal moth because I prefer wool actually all natural fibers. Which means I will be found where your clothes are but not just that, do you have carpet where you are right now? Oh I love carpet and I should mention upholstered furniture too.  You can definitely find me in your home in all sorts of places, as well as clothing stores, carpet stores, furniture stores and one of my favorites as I am often undisturbed facilities.

About Us Moths


Why you don't 

want us to 

stick around

When either one of us arrive at any location, in any of our favorite places our only mission is to eat however, you will see it as DESTRUCTION.  Let me put it this way I, the Clothing moth when I hatch into a caterpillar I am accompanied by another 30-200 eggs that are very sticky clusters and when they hatch, game on.  All we do is eat, eat and eat because when we turn into moths we no longer need eat, our only goal is to reproduce by that point in our life span. I, the Indianmeal moth lay between 60-400 eggs on food surfaces, that’s a lot of us eating your food.  So in conclusion, we are everywhere, getting into everything, eating whatever we find tasty which as you now know is many things. You don’t want to wait to get rid of me! Anyways I have to go, I have some more brothers and sisters to meet and show them the best spots to eat, they are super hungry.

I'm gonna eat until I'm dead meat


It will be off with us Moths

Us pests fear them, you’ll love them.

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