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Carpet Beetle Exterminators

Carpet Beetle Exterminators

What we look like


Hello, my name is the Carpet Beetle and I Am Beautiful! Just in case you don't know what I look like, let me enlighten you.  There are a variety of us; we can be black, light or dark brown and my favorite are the unique kind that have colourful scales from white and yellow to orange and red (I always wished that was me. It's like what you call fashion models). We also look different at different times in our life cycles. There are four stages, the first being an egg, then we are in a crawling stage, a cocoon stage and lastly the adult stage, which is when we can officially call ourselves beetles (it's a BIG deal for us).  It's in the adult stage when you mostly notice us, we are anywhere from 2-5 mm in length and have an oval shape that makes you humans often think we are bed bugs (hahaha makes me laugh every time I see that panic rise). 

Where you

might find us

Us Carpet Beetles prefer dark and secluded places indoors such as under furniture and beds, but it's definitely not limited to that. We love so many different kinds of food and where there is food, there I may be!  You are wondering what I like to eat, right? You want to determine if that's one of my family members lingering over there behind you? Well, we like anything from animal fibers; the obvious being carpet. We also like wool, leather,felt, silk,furs, bedding and even clothing.  We might get inside your home by a plant or on flowers (oh it was so sweet of your guy to bring you those as a sign of his love for you) it's just an endless buffet anywhere we go.  As an adult I have wings and I can fly from room to room, you will often find me on window sills and that's usually when you call someone about us.  You should know though that most of the damage that we cause is before we are an adult.  It's in our rebellious toddler stage, when we are crawling also known as the larvae stage. 

About Us 

Carpet Beetles


Why you don't 

want us to 

stick around

You definitely don't want us around because we cause damage and lots of it to different objects around your home and office!  We don't bite but when in our larvae stage many of you are allergic to our hairs, which cause welts on your body.  Besides calling Bugbusters good housekeeping is always recommended for prevention.  Vacuuming removes a lot of our food sources; making sure all clothing is washed or dry cleaned because we love that odor you humans makes me salivate just thinking about it!

With the room at it's darkest you don't want us munching on your carpet


They will have us gone before the next dawn

Us pests fear them, you’ll love them.

Affordable, Trained, Professional Carpet Beetle Pest Control for your Home or Office

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