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What we look like


Millipede Exterminators
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We are occasional invaders.  There’s a variety of us; we come in different shapes, sizes and colours.  If you saw me the centipede, I am long; my body is made up of a series of segments and each of those segments have a pair of legs.  If you came across me, the millipede, you would see a long flattened cylinder body with more than 20 segments.  I am a Pill Bug also known as a Sow Bug we have an external skeleton; a long segmented body with 14 jointed limbs attached and we can roll into almost a perfect ball but we mainly do that as a way of defending ourselves.  Those are just a few of us, other occasional invaders that you may come across are Earwigs or Beetles but there are many, many more.

Where you

might find us

We like to be outdoors in various types of environments such as under rocks, in damp wood piles, in gardens, forests, actually you may come across at least one of us anywhere outside.  Beware though when the weather changes and it becomes a bit colder you will find us inside seeking the comfort that you enjoy, food and shelter. No one has yet to create a winter line of clothing for our beautiful bodies.

Centipede Exterminators

Why you don't 

want us to 

stick around

We are not really a destructive kind of species however, we are annoying.  We have found that our presence alone causes stress and frustration to many of you humans.  So I guess when it all boils down to it, do you need added stress in your life because me?

Let’s be clear we will always be near, year after year unless…….


They’ll turn occasional into non traceable

Us pests fear them, you’ll love them.

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