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Roof Rat & Norway Rat Exterminators

Residential and Commercial Rat Pest Control

What we look like


I am a Roof Rat also known as a Black Rat although I m not always black I can be a shade of brown.   I am slimmer but can weigh up to 1 pound, with large ears and a tail that is longer than my body. 

I am a Norway Rat also known as a Brown Rat and guess what sometimes I am grey not just brown.  I have a blunt nose; small ears and a shorter tail than my relative the Roof Rat; I can also weigh twice as much as him.

Where you

might find us

Why you don't 

want us to 

stick around

I, the Roof Rat love to nest up high in trees; upper floors of buildings and under roofs (in attics), that is how I got my name.  You will hear me when night falls as that is when I am active.

I, the Norway Rat nest in underground burrows typically close to structures; I enjoy damp places such as crawl spaces and I always makes sure there is a water source near.  I also like to get my exercise when night falls so the Roof Rat doesn’t see that additional pound I have on him.

Both the Norway Rat and myself (the Roof Rat) can cause disease through our urine, feces, and not to mention we can get fleas; those fleas will bite us and then those fleas can end up in your home; I m pretty sure you get the picture……DISEASE!  On another note both of us become sexually active really young, between 2-5 months old; minus protection equals babies, lots of babies. More specifically 4-6 litters a year having 6-14 young (depending on which one of us you are referring to) and our young may not be with us for long but at least for that short period of time they aren't adding to the family (which could be living in and around your living or working space).


About Us Rats


I wish we could be friends but it’s just not meant to be. 


They will do everything to get us rats out of your huts.

Us pests fear them, you’ll love them.

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