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Cockroach Exterminators

What we look like


I am the most common Cockroach in Canada, I am a German Cockroach.  I am light brown in colour with 2 dark parallel lines running from my head to the base of my wings.  I have a flattened oval body that can measure up to 15 mm in length and long thin legs.  I do have wings but I rarely fly as I prefer to run.

Where you

might find us

I am most commonly found indoors; I prefer warm; humid environments so I tend to end up in your kitchens or bathrooms.  I am nocturnal which means I like to make my appearances when night falls.  My diet consists of meat, starches, sugars and fatty foods but I’m definitely not a picky eater because I will eat soap, glue and even dabble in some toothpaste.

Pest Control for Cockroaches

About Us Cockroaches


Why you don't 

want us to 

stick around

Where do I start? My kind of roaches reproduce faster than any other kind of residential cockroach.  When we party we party hard and it doesn’t take long, less than 3 months to be exact until there’s so many of us and only one of you and the situation is completely out of control. Our droppings can cause allergic reactions, you might have rashes on your body, watery eyes and/ or difficulty breathing.  If you think that’s bad our presence can also cause food poisoning, dysentery and diarrhea as we carry these diseases on our legs and bodies and we deposit them while foraging on the food you eat and the utensils you use.

There’s no way we’ll say bye but we will definitely multiply


All you’ll have to do is blink and us cockroaches will be extinct

Us pests fear them, you’ll love them.

Affordable, Experienced Roach Exterminators. A Pest Control Team You Can Rely on.

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