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House Mouse & Deer Mouse Exterminators

Residential & Commercial Mouse Exterminators

What we look like


I am a House Mouse, sometimes I am brown; sometimes I am grey and my belly is always a shade lighter than the color of my fur.  I have large ears and my tail is double the size of my body.

I am a Deer Mouse I look very similar to my buddy the House mouse but my belly is white and my tail is not as long as his.

Where you

might find us

Both the Deer Mouse and myself (the House Mouse) love to play hide n seek with you, the Human, we are always near. Outside we can nest in overgrown brush, long grass and shrubs to name a few, we can’t reveal all of our hiding places.  Some of us are a little more sensitive to the cold outside so we seek shelter inside. It’s so easy we can squeeze through any hole that is the circumference of a dime and surprise we are in.  We are not picky at all, we will live in factories, any kind of building, your home, shed or barn. 

Oh my goodness I have the best hiding spot right now! Oh shhhhh, you’re right there!

About Us Mice


Why you don't 

want us to 

stick around

Us mice cause disease through our urine, droppings, and not to mention we can get fleas and those fleas will bite us and then those fleas can end up in your home. I m pretty sure you get the picture……DISEASE!  On another note we become sexually active really young, between 1-2 months old; minus protection equals babies, lots of babies. More specifically 10-12 litters a year, having 5-6 young per litter, “the more the merrier” I always say.

If you want to have any chance at all to win at this game of hide n seek..........


They will do everything to get this mouse out of your house.

Us pests fear them, you’ll love them.

Affordable, Experienced Residential & Commercial Mouse Exterminators. Call Us 

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