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Pavement & Carpenter Ant Exterminators

What we look like


I am a Pavement Ant, some of us are brown and some black.  We are approximately 2.5mm- 4mm in length.  If I am a worker I am definitely smaller than the queen and drones which are at least twice my size and they have wings, which I do not.

I am a Carpenter Ant, I am commonly black and have a rounded thorax and heart shaped head. I range anywhere from 3.4mm- 13mm which generally makes me much larger than the Pavement Ant.

Where you

might find us

Can you guess where I, the Pavement Ant may be found?  If you said the pavement, you would be correct. I guess it wasn’t as tricky of a question as I thought it might be.  I nest outside, under curbs, paving stones, those cracks you may have in your driveway or walkway and I can also nest under slabs of houses and in walls.  If we are not in our nests, then we are out trying to gather food which means you can find us anywhere really.  We like a variety of foods but if you see us in your home, we are specifically looking for sweets and/or protein based foods, yes we too need the proper nutrients for energy.

I, the Carpenter Ant specialize in carpentry which you guessed it, means I can be found around wood.  I can be indoors or outdoors, I prefer moist and decaying wood as my queen needs damp wood to ensure optimal survival of her eggs. So I will seek places that are prone to leaks and where that moisture can build up; that means I might even set up shop in sub floors of your kitchen and bathrooms.  I can build a nest in porches, decks, in walls, window and door frames and in tree stumps. I am known to create masterful tunneling systems, now that's called skill but I can’t take all the credit, we are a colony and colonies work together.

Carpenter Ant Extermination

About Us Ants


Why you don't 

want us to 

stick around

Well I, the Pavement Ant when I am around, I am around, I have help and you will see me all the time.  You don’t really want me around in your house trying to get at your food, I’m going to contaminate it, I may even contaminate your pet’s food. You don’t know where I have been maybe I have some disease, I mean how are you suppose to know.  I can make paving stones sink but mainly you don’t want me around because I am super annoying.

I, the Carpenter Ant, hmm where can I start? Okay so I mentioned we are a colony, what I may have failed to tell you is that a colony takes let’s see about 3-6 years to fully mature; has THOUSANDS of workers plus there’s generally two colonies, a parent colony which is always located about 100 meters from a satellite colony.  So big picture we nest in your house, you don’t know we are there because we come out at night between sunset and midnight to find food; that’s also when we scope out perfect places to nest.  We tunnel and tunnel to accommodate our forever growing colony and if we are doing that to let’s say your porch, what do you think would happen to that structure after 3-6 years?  Nothing good, actually I probably wouldn’t even have your most hated enemy stand on that porch.  We will make your structures weak; unstable, we are disastrous!


We will ploy to annoy


They'll exterminate us ants as fast as it takes you to put on your underpants

Us pests fear them, you’ll love them.

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