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A Glance and There's Ants, Lots of Ants

Oh how I have missed that heat on my skin. The flowers and trees are blooming; it's official Spring is here! Yes, Spring! Today I took my daughter outside to play and she found ants, hundreds of ants. It looked as though the ground was moving beneath us, I guess we weren't the only ones excited for this sun. That's right this warm spring weather gets those ants out and active. They are searching for food and water; they can make it into your home and once they are in, they leave a scent trail so all members of their colony can find your address, isn't that nice of them? They love sweets and protein based foods; once they find a little bit of that, jack pot they've won the lottery and you send yourself on a mission to kill all and any ants that get into your household. You soon will find that you can't do it alone. You need to know there are different kinds of ants, there are ants that can cause major structural damage; ones that bite if they feel threatened and ones that are just a pain in your rear. Preventative measures are necessary to be ant free; you deserve to enjoy this spring without any worry!

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