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Why Choose Bugbusters Pest Control Inc.?

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If you have a pest problem and you want quality, affordable service, Bugbusters Pest Control is your local exterminator.  From start to finish you will be satisfied 100% of the time.  We are fully insured, bonded and W.C.B covered.  Our technicians are licensed by the Ministry of Environment and continuously trained for proper use of equipment; chemical use; pest identification and customer service.  At Bugbusters Pest Control we have exterminators for all your pest problems at home or for your business.  Whether it's a one-time pest control service that's needed or a custom-tailored pest service for maintenance control, our exterminators can quickly accommodate all your pest control needs.  We are a local company with staff from your community. Call us now at (778) 866-BUGZ (2849)


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Bugbusters Pest Control

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What is the Intergrated Pest Management (I.P.M) Method?

We at Bugbusters Pest Control use the Integrated Pest Management Method.  It is a priority to us to use proper equipment that maximizes the elimination of your pest problems while reducing or minimizing risks to you; the people you care about and the environment.  I.P.M is the safer pest control technique that addresses entry points and ensures the use of mechanical controls before the use of chemicals or poisons.  We have the determination to provide the best and safest service; as a result, we will continue to educate ourselves and our technicians.

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