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Fly Extermination

What we look like


There are many different kinds of us. Our colors, body size and other attributes vary depending on the species. A typical adult fly has 3 body parts a head, thorax and abdomen.

Where you

might find us

Why you don't 

want us to 

stick around

We feed and breed in decaying organic matter and we don’t like to live too far from those breeding grounds and we absolutely want to have that food source nice and close.  Some of us don’t mind setting up shelter in drains, garbage cans and you know that fruit you forget about every once in a while in that beautiful fruit bowl, oh yes we will live there.

Well I like to think we are quite lovely but if we are speaking truthfully I can transmit germs, causing diseases which means you the human can get something called Salmonella or E. coli and maybe Staphylococcus just to name a few. Those diseases I just mentioned can spread really fast from rotting food to rotting animals to the food you eat and the utensils you use.

We’ll get nude in your rotting food


It will be the demise of us flies

Us pests fear them, you’ll love them.

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